Installation on a virtualized server

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Jun 1, 2007 at 11:11 PM
I have a Virtual Server hosted by
I have full access to the virtual instance of the server. I can access IIS Manager, restart the instance etc.

However after several attempts I cannot get the filter to install in IIS.
I am trying to install for one specific site Or for the whole IIS. But nothing works.
The filter stays in Unknown status.

  • Filterdll and ini is in wwwroot folder.
  • I have added the dll to allowed webservice extension.
  • restarted IIS Admin/WWW service/OS. No luck.

Any ideas? What type of permissions do I need to set on the wwwroot folder for IIS to pick up the dll and load it?
Jun 2, 2007 at 3:26 AM
What version of IIS? If 6, then you need to allow it in the web extensions section as well as add it to your site's ISAPI section. If 5, then you just ned to apply it in the ISAPI section. The instructions spell this out.

Is your web site root in wwwroot? The dll and the root of your site should not reside together. Put the dll for the site in some other dir and link to it..

One agin...the instructions should get you though this.