Multiple Config Files, One DLL (like .htaccess?)

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Aug 2, 2007 at 3:21 AM
Hello, I am a developer that hosts 50+ websites on a dedicated server.. The majority of these sites use a custom built framework where I'd like to add support for IIRF.

The URL conventions for most of these sites are very similar and I can get away with using one global config file to perform a generalized set of URL rewriting. Possibly my own rule in combination with the 1 to N URL params rule I found elsewhere in this forum.

The thing I'd really like to add is user generated URL's.. So when they add a product to a catalog, or an article to a blog, they will be presented with an option to name the page they are adding.. I would then take this name they added and modify the config file using PHP to have an entry such as rewrites to

Is there a way to have the filter look to the current working directory and read in a config file from there? Possibly a global file first, then a localized config file afterwards?

Thanks in advance!