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Sep 20, 2006 at 5:04 PM

I am using Page.Response.Redirect on a link button which works on some of my page’s but on others its not working. It looks like it’s a problems with IIRF.

RewriteRule ^/consumer/(.*).html

RewriteRule ^/consumer/guides/(.*).html

from the page


it will follow the page redirect to google when the link button is clicked but when I try it from the rewite rule


its goes to


instead of google, however it will work from



Sep 25, 2006 at 11:52 PM

I apologize, I have not understood what you are asking.

If you can, please simplify and clarify.
1. What URL are you submitting to IIRF?

2. What is the RewriteRule ? (if possible reduce it to one rule)

3. What do you expect to see as a result from IIRF? (Rewrite or no, and if the former, what is the resulting URL)

4. What do you in fact see? (same details)


It may be helpful to test out some of your URLs using the testdriver.exe program, which is included with the IIRF download. It may help you clarify what you are seeing...

I cannot address questions about Page.Response.Redirect here, unless somehow that is related to the operation of IIRF...

I will await further information.