Please, put online v2.0.x documentation (the actual is for v2.1 and I think it's causing confusion)

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May 27, 2010 at 11:27 PM

Cheeso, you are doing a real great job with IIRF, and I really really appreciate it...

But I think you could avoid tons of questions like "Why do I get 404 error when I try to use iirf.ini? IirfGlobal.ini is working nice" or "Why does StatusInquiry doesn't work?" if you publish the *right* online documentation for the latest stable release (2.0.x) - the most downloaded one, I suppose - instead of documentation for the beta 2.1 release... I was about to asking those questions, too, and I banged my mind all the afternoon when I realized that this page shows "documentation for IIRF v2.x", but the inside documentation is for 2.1 (beta) version

So, I discovered that to show the config for my "iirf.ini" per-site file, I had to put the line "StatusUrl /iirfStatus" and then call the url http://mylocalsite/iirfStatus... But I discovered it after a long long loooong search on the forum, because in the 2.1 online documentation seems there's no "StatusUrl" anymore; it was also clear that the StatusInquiry works only in v.2.1

I admit it's part a fault of mine: the packed documentation that comes with the .zip is the right one; but often users are accustomed to search within their browser, and so I did (and not only me, looking at forum questions)...
Please, put the v2.0.x online documentation alongside the 2.1 one, at least 'til the 2.1 version is not a full release


Best regards

May 28, 2010 at 12:39 AM

Hi, and thanks fr the suggestion.

I thought it might be cause for confusion.  I will consider putting v2.0 documentation up, in addition to the v2.1 version.