IIRF - love it, but cant make it work !

Jul 23, 2010 at 6:08 AM

Hi folks,

I have installed version successfully and can see the iirfStatus page locally & remotely. However it shows one global warning and one site level error, and no log is produced. I have gone back several times over all file permissions etc, and double checked. My regex is now reduced to one single (simple) line, and I have correct results from running it in the TestDriver, so no issues there. This is running on IIS 6.0 on Win server 2003 SP2. However I cannot get IIRF to reformat any URL !

Also I've tried the 64bit version IonicIsapiRewriter- installed on IIS 7.5 Win Server 2008 SP2, and reached the same situation with similar iirfStatus report, one warning, one error, and have tried adding and removing options like RewriteBase ON/OFF etc, still no joy.  If I can see the Status page with nothing appearing in the log, even with RewriteLogLevel 5, I really have little info to go on !  After reading Sumit's experience, I have downloaded his recompiled release of 23, re-selected the new dll in ISAPI etc, re- established all permissions to files, and now get http 500.0 dll path error ! 

The product and particularly the great documentation encourage me to stay with it !

What am I doing wrong ?

I'd  be very grateful for any suggestions.

Cheers Rod

Jul 28, 2010 at 12:31 PM
The iirf logfile will tell you exactly what the problem is. When you get no logfile, 90% of the time it is a permissions issue. This has been asked and answered many times on the forum. Search the archives for security/permissions/logfile and work through the steps there. It's also covered in the helpfile. Good luck!