Newbie with plesk 9 windows 2003

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Aug 10, 2010 at 8:54 PM
I've been partially successful in setting up IIRF on my server. I installed everything in IIS, greated a global and local file. Tested StatusURL /iirfstatus from a global and local setup and they are working fine. However, I cant get the log files to be created. I double checked all the permissions, but I see a warning in my events saying the file couldnt be created. Plesk is a little different with the way it does permissions... is there anywhere I could find some documentation to adjust to the way plesk does permissions for each iis website? Here's a sample file: RewriteLog test RewriteLogLevel 1 StatusUrl /iirfstatus RewriteRule ^/articles/[^?/]*_(\d+)\.cfm / fullstory.cfm?articleid=$1 I've read and borrowed from example files, and something like the above gets me started. I'm new to regular expressions and what I am trying to understand is what is the syntax for determining when a new $2 or $3 or $4 is created. Is "()" the wrapped that designates a new variable being collected? I'm getting confused between differing between wildcard syntax and the collection of the variables. Any help would be appreciated.
Aug 11, 2010 at 5:44 AM


Not sure if I can be of much help since I just started some work (and about to wrap it up, since auth is not working) with Iirf as well. But that much being said, the log file was another eye opener. Iirf will create log files for the processes and attaches the process number (I believe of the worker processes) to the log file. So if you have a setting

RewriteLog D:\Temp\iirf

it will actually create


log files and so forth.

Lesson learned: You will have to set directory write permission for your user that is actually running IIS.

Makes sense? - Hope that helps!