Permissions Issue

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Aug 20, 2010 at 11:49 PM

Hi everyone, 

I seem to have problems with permissions, I have a domain account with domain user permissions, its part of the local IIS_WPG group on the server. IIRF.dll file and global ini file have this user on the ACL with full permissions. 

I've added the ISAPI filter on the root of the website folder in IIS 6.0, so that I can utilise redirects on multiple sites on that server. But redirects just don't work with the permissions I've set, I've followed the guide. But if I add the domain account to the local administrators group, everything works.

what permissions am I missing, this domain user account is trying to read from a file that it hasn't got permissions to, I've trawled through processMon to see if I can spot anything, any help or pointers will be appreciated.