Question on possibility of issue; cross-site IIRF

Mar 31, 2008 at 2:49 PM
Hi guys... Quick question.

Let me state that I think I figured this out but wanted to get a second opinion on an issue I've been having on our web server.

I host about 14 sites on our web server and a majority of them utilize IIRF. Love it!

However, recently we've been having issues with the web server dropping their ability to contact our SQL server. The kicker is, the event log shows our search engine (Texis Webinator by ThunderStone) throwing up errors about unable to connect to a certain port. A server bounce seems to temporarily fix the issue but it pops up in a couple hours or a day.

Thinking it was Webinator, I started checking with them on how to fix. But then I remember, it could be IIRF - maybe.

I started looking at the sties and discovered a recently launched site's IIRF ISAPI was pointing to another site's implementation of IIRF (oops). FYI; each site that uses IIRF has their own instance. I quickly fixed it and hope that solves the issue we've been having.

My question is - would having one site's instance of IIRF pointing to another site's IRFF cause this type of issue?
Apr 15, 2008 at 6:15 PM
could be, if you had an infinite loop in the IIRF redirection? Could have resulted in tying up all threads and a 503 server too busy. Seems like there could be other reasons, too. So, ... yes, it could be.