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Aug 19, 2011 at 6:17 PM

If anyone could help us that would be great!

we recently migrated a fairly large ecommerce site to a new platform - .NET/IIS - and the urls all had to be 301 redirected to their new counterpart.

Unfortunately, many of them, or a fair number, have unusual url structure and the project team is apparently having  a hard time figuring out how to implement redirect definitions for these urls. Right now, a poorly rendered 404 page is being presented on these 'trouble' urls.

The site is hosted on IIS 6.0 and they are using the Ionics Isapi rewrite filter

here are some of the required redirects we asked them to set up for us:

    • 301 to:
  • Spoons
    • 301 redirect to:


here are a few of the definitions they provided from the IIRF (?) file:

  • RedirectRule   (.*)/3886/Measuring Spoons$ $1/Kitchen-Tools-and-Gadgets/Measuring-Tools/Measuring-Spoons.aspx [I,R=301]


  • RedirectRule   (.*)/itemDetail/26197/12-PIECE-ASPIC-CUTTERS-SET$ $1/12-PIECE-ASPIC-CUTTERS-SET__677081.aspx [I,R=301]


Does anyone have any experience in creating 301 redirects in IIS for unusual urls like this? I am more familiar with apache.  do we need to revise the above regex expressions? any ideas?


thanks in advance!


jay wilner

Aug 21, 2011 at 6:20 PM

IF you want to redirect from

    • 301 to:

...then you will need something like the following:

RedirectRule ^/itemDetail/3060/12-PIECE-ASPIC-CUTTERS-SET.*  /12-PIECE-ASPIC-CUTTERS-SET__958233.aspx [R=301]

The syntax is mostly the same in IIRF as in Apache. In some edge cases, IIRF does not support features that are present in Apache, or it supports them in different ways.  The RewriteBase directive is one example. There's a page in the documentation that explains the highlights of the differences.

The things you are doing will not touch on the differences. In other words, you'd use the same syntax in Apache as you would in IIRF, to do the redirection you want.

Good luck.