Can I rewrite URLs with IIRF?

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Dec 14, 2006 at 10:24 PM
>Hey, I was really hoping you can contact me sometime soon. I have a website with URLs that are written like:
>The client wants to lose the engine.cfm in the URL and also be able to define "marketing friendly" URLs for each page eg.
>The site is coded using Coldfusion.
>Two questions.
>1) Are those URL transformations possible?


>2) Would I have to have the user re-write the text file (.ini) so that their marketing friendly URLs are taken into account?

I don't know who "the user" is. Someone would have to set up the .ini file with the proper rules so that the rewrites you want, actually happen.

if you download IIRF you will see a tests directory and an examples directory. In there, you will find lots of .ini files that show how to handle various rewrite scenarios. The test directory actually contains sample URLs you can test, too, using the testdriver.exe. this is a good way to work out how to set up your rules, quickly: following the patterns in the ini files, set up your own test scenario. you will need to specify some sample input URLs. then run the tests and compare what you get, with what you'd like them to be rewritten to on the server.

example for an input URL:

what you expect:

and so on.

give it a try.