Reverse Proxy : First message not ClientHello

Jul 30, 2012 at 10:18 PM

I have one internal webserver with IIS 6 and IIRF 2.1 installed and configured to do reverse proxy to another internal service. The intention is migrate this configuration to DMZ server after it run fine in internal webserver. The following config is implemented on iirf.ini file :
ProxyTimeouts 90 90 90 90
ProxyPass          (invoke/.*)$$1
ProxyPassReverse   /invoke

The webserver has connection to the server lacbra800lnx203 since both are in internal network.
The server lacbra800lnx203:5443 is configured Require Client Certificate and there is no option change this configuration. The lacbra800lnx203 is Linux based running SoftwareAg WebMethods version 6.5. All certificates are valid and OK.

When I put on browser :
https://my_webserver/invoke/getEnvironment I'm getting the message [The message received was unexpected or badly formatted]. On lacbra800lnx203 webmethods logs I'm getting [First message not ClientHello].

Any idea what might be happening and how to fix it ?

If I change the configuration to [RedirectRule (invoke/.*) $$1] it run fine but is not what I need since my intention use preserve host to use on Internet environment.