IIRF stops working for a short period of time

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Dec 21, 2012 at 12:39 PM

We have iirf installed and running beautifully for several sites.  Last night, for a short period of time - perhaps an hour or two - iirf stopped handling requests on one site.  There were no errors reported and when I came in this morning, everything was working as it should.  A user had reported this to me and when I checked the IIS logs, I could see that rewrites and redirects were not being processed because some of the old files that I have yet to remove from the server were being accessed and were returning HTTP status codes of 200 rather than 302.

I do know that we had a lot of volume of the site yesterday so I am wondering if iirf might be impacted by large volumes of traffic?  Has anyone else run into this?

Some of the volume will go away once I switch to 301 redirects, but we are waiting to make sure we have handled all the cases before we make that switch.