config file open failure

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Dec 11, 2008 at 4:08 AM
I have a scenario where I have multiple IIRF configurations for a given server which I want to swap on the fly by copying over top of the current IsapiRewrite4.ini file.  Almost every time I overlay the file I see the following set of messages logged...

5260 - AwaitIniChangeAndReinit: watcher got something...
5260 - AwaitIniChangeAndReinit: Detected change in file 'IsapiRewrite4.ini'
5260 - AwaitIniChangeAndReinit: Detected change in the  ini file 'D:\IIRF\IsapiRewrite4.ini'
5260 - AwaitIniChangeAndReinit: Ionic ISAPI Rewriting Filter (IIRF) v1.2.15 final R3
5260 - ReadConfig
5260 - ReadConfig: Could not open config file 'D:\IIRF\IsapiRewrite4.ini' (error: 32)
5260 - AwaitIniChangeAndReinit: ini file not ready to be read? ... reverting to previous confg...
5260 - AwaitIniChangeAndReinit:  TerminateWatch = FALSE
5260 - FileChangeWatcher(): Await returns (TerminateWatch= FALSE)

This only happens when I replace the file.  When I edit the current ini file the changes are successfully applied.
This is happening on multiple Windows W2K3 R2 IIS6 servers.  I have recycled the IIS services and the issue persists. The only solution so far is to cycle IIS every time I replace the ini file.
My recollection is that this wasn't happening when I was initially testing this process but then became noticeable in the last day or so.
I'm using the 1.2.15 version of IIRF

Any help would be appreciated