convert an asp page to a search engine friendly URL

Dec 11, 2008 at 8:40 PM
hi people!
i thing i've read all the discussions related to my question but i can't find the answer i need.
the thing is that i have some pages written in asp code with a string that says (for example
I want this pages to appear as (following the example:
I know i'm asking for two different things (the structure and the hyphens), but i'm very new on this and i can't understand if this is possible to be done and how can i do it.
For what i've read, i know that i could write on the browser and get the address, but what i want is to have the adresses with the permanent look "search-engine friendly" in order to bet a better position in Google.
I've worked with oscommerce, in php, and made some changes in the source code to get a change like this, but now i want the same with this asp pages.
Could some of you give me some help, please?