Newbie Help! - site crashed when adding filter

Jan 8, 2009 at 1:13 AM
First, I'm *not* a server administrator. I know just enough to make small tweaks and get myself into trouble. So be kind!

Trying to set up my first rewrite:

RewriteRule  ^/attorney/([^/]+)$   /lawyers/get-bio.cfm?attorney=$1

Should rewrite: "" to "". Correct? The code above is the *only* thing in the .ini file. Do I need anything else?

I placed the .dll and .ini file in a folder on the server. Went into the IIS Admin (IIS 7 I think...) and added the.dll to the ISAPI filters. Didn't do anything else. Was planning on restarting the server late this evening when site activity was quite.However, the site immediately went down. "There's a problem with the resource you're trying to access.... 500 error...'

I removed the filter from the ISAPI filter window, and the site was back up. Tried a second time just to be sure. Yup - site went down immediately. No stop/start IIS.

OK, now I'm afraid to do anything else. I can't afford to take the site down again by mistake.

I'll happily attempt to list other settings or stuff from log files if needed to help me figure what I've got wrong. You *might* have to tell me where to look though...

The site in question is a Coldfusion site, but sections are .net. There are two aspnet_filters listed already. Possible conflict?

Log file shows: "The HTTP Filter DLL C:\Windows\System32\IsapiRewrite\IsapiRewrite4.dll failed to load.  The data is the error."

Not sure what to do next. Help?