Issue Proxying .NET application after POST

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Aug 8, 2014 at 9:08 PM
Edited Aug 8, 2014 at 9:09 PM
Hey all,

Been wrapping my head around this issue I have. I am hoping someone can help answer.

My client-facing URL is as follows:
I have an application that is located here: http://backend/app. The application does NOT have hardcoded paths, it's all relative.

I want to proxy the to http://backend/app. I have successfully done this using both RewriteRule and ProxyPass, however..

When I submit the form for the app, it tries to redirect to, and NOT

Also, when loading resources such as images, css, etc, it is looking for them on and not

Basically, what I want is when someone submits the form on /subsite/app, that the response that comes back is written in the URL field as /subsite/app/XXX instead of /app (which doesn't exist on my

I hope I am being clear. I have played with ProxyPass, ProxyPassReverse and can't seem to get this going. If I add a RewriteRule /app(.*) http://backend/app/$1 then it will work, but the visible URL in the address bar is not what I want to show.

So in sum:

Public URL:
Backend URL: http://backend/app

When submitting the form on the public URL, the response from that form goes to instead of http://publicsite/subsite/app. Also, all resources (css, images) are trying to be pulled from instead of

How can I get around this?