Why is body not send?

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Jan 10 at 4:18 PM
If i do:
curl -k -d @test.txt http://localhost:81/time.tm

the content of 'test.txt' are POSTed to this url, and everything is OK

but this does not work:
curl -k -d @test.txt https://localhost/time with this line in iirf.ini:
ProxyPass ^/time http://localhost:81/time.tm

i receive a "HTTP-fout 404.0 - Not Found"

In the log i find this:
Tue Jan 10 16:43:36 - 9536 - DoRewrites: Proxy to: 'http://localhost:81/time.tm'
Tue Jan 10 16:43:36 - 9536 - IirfProxy_TryRelayEmptyBodyRequest: http://localhost:81/time.tm

Why does it say: 'Empty' in TryRelayEmptyBodyRequest ??