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Problem with utf-8 characters in url


We have a web site built using Drupal that supports both spanish and english. When some spanish word with non-ansi characters is used into a search we get an error as the query doesn't match anything.

Looking at the log at the point the search is done for the example string ñó, we find the next lines:

Mon May 13 15:27:46 - 1480 - DoRewrites: New Url, before decoding: '/web2/search/node/%C3%B1%C3%B3'
Mon May 13 15:27:46 - 1480 - DoRewrites: Url (decoded): '/web2/search/node/ñó'

%C3%B1%C3%B3 is the encoding of ñó.

Making some tests we have found that ñó' is the utf-8 encoding of ñó (already utf-8 encoded), so the problem is that the decoded url that iirf utf-8 encodes is already in utf-8, so it should not be reencoded.