issue with word matching in url


Can you please help me with following.
im looking to rewrite a url which has uppercase letters to lowercase letters
RedirectRule ^/(.[A-Z].)$ http://www.sample.com/#L$1#E [R=301]

it works great and converts all upppercase letters to lowercase.
however i have some urls which has CFIDE and that needs to have uppercase in the url. so i put in an eclusion rule for that url but now its not possible how many scenarios i iwll have like that. so instead of that
i have three mail urls that i need to make sure they are lower cased
im able to convert all the characters after ? to lowercase. no issues with that. but if i have uppercase letters in newsample1 then i have the issue like the following

please help me with this. i have been going thru the documentation and see /w option but cant figure out how to use it. any help greatly appreciated


sirila29 wrote Jun 7, 2013 at 3:33 AM

RedirectRule ^/n(.[A-Z].)$ http://www.sample.com/n#L$1#E [R=301]
has converted the uppercase to lowercase for urls like www.sample.com/newSample.cfm?pp=dkfjkd
but issue with urls like www.sample.com/Newsample1.cfm?pp=dkfjkd
please help me out with this.im running out of time