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Oct 15, 2007 at 8:26 PM
I have an image gallery server that was using query strings to help with SEO, but am wanting to rewrite the URL to be both more readable and remain as a good SEO URL.

I start with

Here are the rules that I use to handle the change, and according to the logfile, it shows to work, but I end up getting a 404 error.
{RewriteRule ^/details.php\?Name=(\D)&EID=(\d)$ /$2/$1/details.php L,U
RewriteRule ^/details.php\?Name=(\D%\d\D)&EID=(\d)$ /$2/$1/details.php L,U}

Obviously from the rules I would end up with

Why would I be getting a 404 error and am I even able to do this and keep everything on track?