IIRF Proxy internal ip

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Jun 14, 2011 at 4:41 AM

Hi there,

I have multiple services within my local network with running their own web server/pages through one address.
I would like to proxy these pages through my main server running iis6 with IIRF, so that i can access them under one address "http://(SERVER).homeserver.com/(SERVICE)/ , and also, so that these pages are all proxyed through port 80 as the remote location that i am trying to connect to them from is blocking any port other than port 80.

I am having some trouble configuring IIRF to achieve this.

So far have managed to proxy the initial pages of these internal services, but when any form of login for these services is entred, the pages redirects back to the 404 page, as if IIRF is not retuning the login credentials back to the service properly.

I have been through the help guide and looked through many examples, however i have not been able to make any of them work correctly.

My IIRF.ini is below, if anyone could please help it would be greatly appreciated.

Please forgive me for my ignorance, i am trying to teach myself alot of this as i go.



RewriteLog c:\logs\iirf
RewriteLogLevel 1
IterationLimit 10
MaxMatchCount 10
RewriteEngine ON
StatusInquiry ON

RedirectRule ^/router$         /router/          [I]
RedirectRule ^/tvbox$         /tvbox/          [I]

ProxyPass ^/dreambox/(.*)$$1 [I]
ProxyPass ^/tvbox/(.*)$$1 [I]