IIRF not working in 2nd IIS site

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Sep 24, 2011 at 7:10 PM

Hello All - I am trying to get a second site on my IIS server to use IIRF.  It isn't working.  I've added the ISAPI filter in the second site's properties and I can see that the DLL is loaded. I placed an INI file in the second site's root folder, but IIRF is not firing for this new site. Turning on extra logging did not help, and the iirfStatus URL did not work.  Nothing in the event log. 

Any ideas on what my next move should be would be appreciated.   The first instance I set up on this box continues to work properly.   Thanks for any help!


Windows Server 2003/ IIS6




Sep 25, 2011 at 2:03 PM

It is possible to configure any ISAPI filter as a server-side or site-specific filter.  You did not say which option you;ve used.

if IIRF is installed as a  site-specific ISAPI, then any new site you install, will not get IIRF. 

To change that you need to re-configure the installation of IIRF. Either configure a new ISAPI for each site.  Or uninstall it and re-install it on a server-wide basis.

That is the first thing to check - is IIRF configured as an ISAPI for the entire server, or for a specific site?