I don't want to read the documentation, can you help me anyway?

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Oct 31, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Hi, im new at the ISAPI filters implementation but i have been running a local webserver a while ago.

i have been reading some examples and try to understand the syntax of the ini files but it still dont quite get it

Is ther like a tool that can create the syntax that i need?... i just want to receive an aspx request a redirect it to an asp request

if a user goes to

mysite.com/webform1.aspx?code=1234&name=john i want to redirect him to mysite.com/webform1.asp?code=1234&name=john

i understand that once i have the syntax i just create a ini file and put in on the root on the website, is that correct?

i dont know if this is the right thread or if there was one already cuase i was serching and didnt fine anything (maybe i didnt use the right words)


Could someone advice?

Nov 2, 2011 at 7:39 PM

Yes, the tool is called a text editor.

You could use this:

RedirectRule  /webform1\.aspx\?code=([^&]+)&name=(.+)$ /webform1.asp?code=$1&name=$2


But you may also want to specify the IIRF log file and log level, and some other things. Your best bet is to spend a few minutes reading the docmentation.