Need help subfolder Proxy to another Webserver

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Feb 11, 2012 at 2:22 PM

Hallo I'm trying to explain my Problem.
At first, sorry my bad english.

I got a WHS Online. Now the IIS6 with IIRF is installed.
I wish following URL Proxy                    -> follow the normaly WHS Login. -> I got a smartermail Emailserver with subfolder in IIS online.

(it works, till i try to config the webcam URL)

Now i want to use following URL -> to connect to internal Webcam Websever (like

How do i config this?
Must i config a subfolder "webcam" in the IIS, (maybe as Application)?

This config in wwwroot (Iirf.ini) may not work right:

ProxyPass          ^/webcam/(.*)$$1
ProxyPassReverse   /webcam

It reversed -> directly into the Webcam.
But i don't want it.

Can anyone help me step by step, please.

Thx a lot.