requests on IE7 are not being logged from within LAN

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Oct 2, 2008 at 3:27 PM
I'm pretty sure that requests to our site via mobile IE on my phone is being logged.
but from within our LAN, no logging is being done when I try to browse to our site on IE7.
firefox Does trigger logging from within our LAN.

any ideas?
Oct 2, 2008 at 10:58 PM
But could it be caused by a bad networking config for IE7?
Did you try from another Windows machine with IE7?   Are all machines with IE7 behaving the same way?

One thing you might try: install Fiddler2.  This is a HTTP protocol tracing tool that works with IE7.  It gives you the chance to look at all the HTTP messages being sent back and forth. It might give you some insight into what is happening on IE7.

When you say "no logging" - I would conclude that if there is no IIRF log statement for a given request, then IIRF does not receive the request.  There's nothing in the IIRF logic that would differentiate its behavior based on the user agent or browser that is used to send the request.  So I suspect that the different behavior you see is not due to IIRF, but is due to something outside of IIRF.

ps: if you configure Fiddler2 and FF just right, you can trace the Firefox transactions through fiddler, too.  But you would need IE7 to be running.  Once you install fiddler you will see what I mean.  Comparing the HTTP transaction flows for IE7 versus the flows for FF might give you some additional insight.
Oct 3, 2008 at 3:15 PM
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