I order to achieve the support of the database so that IIRF

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Nov 17, 2008 at 6:52 PM
Edited Nov 17, 2008 at 6:53 PM
Just add a new feature, support from the database mapping out the relationship and the rules of the match.
I think it will be sent to your mailbox, is based on the 2.0 version.
can you contact me?
My Email: gangming123@163.com
Last ask your question , I have realized,
thank you for your help once again .
Of course, in order to IIRF better developed, and look forward to your research.

the 2.0 version
I can only use the *1 call, I do not know if it is normal.
Dec 1, 2008 at 4:45 AM
Thanks for the note -
I will contact you. 

As for using the database as a mechanism for mapping out rewrite rules, I think that is a very cool idea, and I'm glad you were able to build it.  On the other hand I don't think it is a very general solution.  I think most people are happy with the ini file.  And I am not keen to maintain a new set of features for just one person.  So I am glad it works for you, but I do not wish to take on more maintenance, for a non-core feature.  I hope that I am not coming off as too rigid.  There is always a balance to strike between capability and simplicity, between features and reliability and time.  And I am trying to keep maintenance cost low, by focusing on broadly-interesting features.  If enough people tell me that the database store is important, then of course I would reconsider.  For now, I think most users are happy with the ini file approach.   

I do not understand what you mean by   "I can only use the *1 call, I do not know if it is normal."

And what does this have to do with the 2.0 version?  I think it is the same in 1.2.15.