I need help adding a Server Variable to Allowed Server Variables List

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Jan 29, 2013 at 1:30 PM

I am trying to implement a small URL Rewriting task under IIS 6 on Windows Home Server 2003.  The following instructions were given to me for IIS 7, and I'm wondering if this task can be accomplished with IIRF 2.1 under IIS 6.  The IIS 7 task was given to me in three steps :

(1) Open IIS 7 and select the "Default Web Site", then open the "URL Rewrite" feature

I installed IIRF 2.1 to the "Default Web Site" and now have a IIRF tab in "Properties" of the "Default Web Site"

(2) Within the URL Rewrite option, select the "Allowed Server Variables" option

(3) Click on "Add..." and type in "HTTP_Authorization" in the "Server variable name" dialog box

If this task is possible in IIRF 2.1, could someone please advise how it can be done.  I require this task to enable direct streaming of IP camera for a home automation program called "mControlv3".

Thank you for your consideration