Rules regex Documentation?

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Jan 11, 2009 at 10:48 PM
Hi there Boys

I've been reading all threads here today, actually all sunday and didn't find a right Rule for my problem. Is there any Rule or Regex Documentation where we can set ours?

Getting the oportunity I want to describe my problem.

I want a rule to rewrite only the urls not the wp-contents on my wordpress installation.

Here's my rules I've got so far.
RewriteRule ^/blog/(?!images)(?!wp-[^\?\/]*)([^\?]+)$ /blog/rewrite.php?$1
RewriteRule ^/blog/(?!wp-content)$ - [L]

It works fine, but the second line looks like it's ignored and I don't want to be replaced by the rule.

Is there any shortcut or magic documentation for adapt the rules into my process and get only things that I want to rewrite and others keeping safe?