Rewrite Rule Clarification

Oct 8, 2009 at 10:40 AM

Hi ,

Can anyone tell me the following situation is possible?

I have site running on different PODs namely (Portland,LAweekly,Seattle and Ventura) which was the key to execute all the pages.

If the user types then the functionality binded to the URL will execute. I made this URL rewrite successfully by defining  the following Rule in INI file.

RewriteRule  ^/laweekly /bogopublish/home.aspx?pid=LACA01 [L]

I have another page and using following rule i just made it.

1. RewriteRule  ^/laweekly/shopping /bogopublish/col.aspx?id=1&pid=LACA01 [L]

My issue was in col.aspx i have a dropdown which will show all the PODs. When the user changes that pod it will postback and the page content will change and the URL should  change . Say for ex. if the user selects Portland then the URL should change like /bogopublish/portland/shopping. I have included a rewrite rule for this as below

2. RewriteRule  ^/portland/shopping /bogopublish/col.aspx?id=1&pid=PO001 [L]

But the second rewrite rule is not taking from ini file instead am getting the blow url after postback which is very strange.

Can any one help me in this regard?

If want i will post my entire INI file(which i used locally for testing purpose later i changed for production) for your reference.




Oct 8, 2009 at 7:55 PM

It;s not clear what youa re doing. Rather than posting your ini file, I suggest you turn on logging and look in the IIRF log file to diagnose what is happening with results you find surprising.  You may also want to try Fiddler2, an HTTP debugging proxy.  I find these tools invaluable when understanding what HTTP requests and responses are going back and forth,   and how rewrites and redirects are affecting the flow.

good luck