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Dec 15, 2009 at 3:00 PM
Edited Dec 15, 2009 at 3:04 PM


I'm trying to set up a separate box here at work to serve a very low volume website to one external user.

We have a fixed IP address, which I've set the domain name www A record to point to. So far so good.

I've then picked up on the headers of the site being picked up in IIS and pointed to a folder with the iirf.ini file in it. So far so good.

I've then set up the following rule:


ProxyPass ^/(.*)$$1


which I assumed would let me use a separate box on the same network to serve this website from.

All appears to be ok, but when I try and log in using the admin area, it shows a 404 error. The page is posting back to itself. I've downloaded the latest release, IIRF-v2.0.1.1012.

Also, when using the subscribe link from no page is shown. Any thoughts on this? The page shows when using the local IP address as the domain as shown above, so I know it *should* work.

I'm sure it's something that I've done, I'm just struggling trying to find out what.

I guess the big question is about whether you think that an admin is going to be able to log in to the site using Proxypass, because if that is impossible due to sessions or cookies or whatever, then I can knock this on the head and try and figure out another way of doing it.

Thanks for your time.


Dec 15, 2009 at 3:23 PM

Shonk, it should just work.  Reasons why it might not?  There may be a firewall on the web server that restricts access from the box outward.  Or there may be a firewall on the other box.  If I were troubleshooting this I would start by looking in the IIRF log to see any messages generated by the proxying action.  If possible, You might check that, logged into the server, you can reach with a browser.

ProxyPass will work with cookies or server-variable based sessions.  When using ProxyPass in IIRF, IIRF will properly relay those things to the client.